I am a bit of a foursquare addict. Those who know me, know that wherever I go, I spend the first minute fiddling with my phone trying to check in. Be it a coffee shop, restaurant, pub, park or my favorite shop. The check ins you make show you what type of person you are and your mayorships define your character. More mayor ships at pubs? You are a person who likes to go out drinking most evenings and weekends. Mayorship at of your local comic book store, yes you are a geek.

My partner is a self confessed geek (you can read his blog here) and through being with him, I have learned to appreciate my love of TV, Sci-fi and love my little quirks. So, if we are in London, wondering around Oxford Street, Soho or even Covent Garden, we usually end up in Forbidden Plant. While looking at all of the action figures one Saturday I take my phone out and check in in. I click the button and stop and stare at my phone. “You are 1 Day away from becoming Mayor”.

I turn to my partner….”Have I become a geek?” I ask. He just stares at me with his cheeky grin.

So yeah it’s time to admit it, I am a geek and I love it.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I am a Doctor Who fan and I have recently just started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I didn’t watch it when I was a teen. All my mates were watching it and I was trying to stand out by not watching it….you know the routine) and have been loving it. But something else has hit me too. 

I suddenly have a new found love for Superman. 

I have always been drawn to the man of steel and remember spending Saturday mornings (before Live & Kicking) watching The New Adventures of Superman with Dean Caine and Teri Hatcher. My partner brought me a little Superman figure and I have been bugging him to to bring over the original Superman films staring Christopher Reeve. I now have a lovely mug which I love. It has got me thinking that it’s time to find out more, maybe start at the beginning and read some comics.

But really….where do I start?

I have turned to a couple of friends with this question and got a few blank expressions.

This is a story that has been going on for many decades now and has had many origin stories.  Do I start trying to collect the first edition of the DC Reboot happening next month? Or do I find an original book?

So I turn to you, people of the Internet. 

What should I do?

Please send help.




Before you look away and tut, I really am sorry for being away for so long.

Really, I am.

I have to say the last 3 months have been pretty tough for me.

Firstly, I decided that my job wasn’t right for me. Not to say it wasn’t a great company. I just really wasn’t enjoying the work I was doing or the direction this role was pushing me. So with a deep breath, I handed in my notice and decided to look for a new job. I was able to give 3 months notice. After many chats with recruitment consultants, interviews and presentations, I found a new job, which I am really happy about.

Trying to find a new job in a recessions is hard work. You need to update your Linkedin profile and take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself along the way.

If you are thinking about a new job, here are a couple of helpful bits of information.
A good friend introduced me to a good list of recruitment agents on Twitter…follow them here.
Also, another close friend has written a blog post about why he chose to change his career and what you should do.

But all you need to know is that I am back, so this blog and should be back up and running in no time!